Do you have what I need to light my house?

We stock everything you need to light your house with a vast range of light fittings.

What do I use to stick the wall paper on with?

Don’t use normal wallpaper paste. It is too thick and lumpy. We stock ready mixed specially for dollshouses.

What scale is used for dolls houses?

The vast majority is a scale of 1:12 though a few more at 1:24 are now becoming available. Old houses used to be 1:16 but are no longer manufactured.

Dolls houses are for children aren't they?

Definitely NOT in fact 95% of our customers are adult collectors. Our oldest regular customer is 97 years old. We stock some houses which are CE marked for children but most miniatures are marked as 14 years and up, due to the small parts. Therefore they are not designed for children anyway.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes, to any value.

Do you offer a mail order service?

Experience has shown that the more delicate collectibles do not travel too well. However, we do ship some products to our customers upon request and charge for carriage as appropriate.

Can you send me a catalogue?

There are three main catalogues from three of our suppliers. However, we use something like 30 suppliers therefore the catalogues are just a small sample of what we stock.

Can I order a house for Christmas?

Yes, in fact it is a service we encourage, particularly around Christmas to avoid disappointment from Santa. If we don't have the house you want in stock any time of year, we will add it to our next order for you.

I want a particular house. Do you stock it?

We try to stock around 30 houses at any one time, so we may have it in stock. However, if the one you want is not in stock we may be able to get it for you.

What if my friend does not like it or already has something similar?

Whilst we do not give refunds, as long as the product is in its original unopened packaging we will be please to offer an exchange or a gift voucher. That applies to anything anyone buys. If it doesn't fit or looks a little out of place, the same exchange policy is offered.

What are your opening times?

You can see our weekly opening times from this link. If you are planning a special visit please contact me.

How do I contact you?

View the Contact Us page